SLVPS Educational Institutions Transport policy aimed at aligning the demand and supply of the Institutional transport services through effective management of the Institutional vehicles, increasing staff and students understanding of the overall institutional fleet programs, Provide greater accountability of the Institutional fleet, comprehensively operate, maintain and repair vehicles to acceptable safety standards.


The vision of Transport department is to provide affordable & quality transportation service to students and staff members of SLVP Educational Institutions and to be widely recognized as the premiere provider of transportation in our country.


The mission of Transportation department is to provide safe, effective and efficient transportation to and from the intuition for eligible students and staff members. It is the further responsibility of the Transportation department to provide such services economically and in accordance with sound management policies and procedures under the direction of the Institutional Transportation Committee.

Institutional Transportation Rules & Regulations

1. Using of institutional transport is not compulsory and only those students who agree to abide by the transport rules of the institution are advised to use the college transport
2. The students who want to use the institutional transport should give a request in the prescribed application form along with a photo to the college at the beginning of the academic year
3. Bus pass will be issued for those students who have given an application form along with the prescribed fee, for using the college transport. The bus pass will be valid for one academic year
4. The boarding/dropping point should be given clearly in the application form. (Details of Predefined routes are available in the respective college office for information)
5. The transport fee is for one year and no pro-rata claim will be entertained for any reasons whatsoever.
6. Once a student applies for and obtains a bus pass the transport fee will be charged for one full year
7. Surrendering of bus pass during the middle of the year will not be permitted for any reasons
8. The transport fee should be paid in the beginning of the year and the fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances
9. The students should not change the boarding/dropping point, or routes without proper permission and such request will not be entertained during the middle of the semester
10. All the students traveling in the college bus should carry the bus pass and produce the bus pass at any time if demanded by the Driver/Helper or the staff of the college
11. Those traveling in the bus without a bus pass will be fined an amount of Rs.1,000/- each time and if necessary disciplinary action will also be taken
12. The students traveling in the college bus should occupy the seats allotted to them and should not create any disturbance to other fellow students and staff
13. Strict discipline should be maintained inside the college bus
14. Any violation or ragging should be avoided in the college bus
15. All the students/parents are expected to be aware of the transport rules of the college and ignorance of the same will not be an excuse for any dispute/claim
16. There will be different slabs of transport charges depending upon the route & distance
17. The transport charges will be notified every year and is subject to change depending on the increase in the cost of fuel and other operating costs
18. The students will not be permitted to board or drop at points other than that is specified in their bus pass
19. In case of any dispute the decision of the transportation department will be final and binding on the students
20. The college can change, alter, amend any of the above rules at any point of time and it will be binding on the student