The mission of department of pharmaceutics is to develop the competent pharmacist for the manufacturing of different pharmaceutical dosage forms and Promote the formulation scientist to solve the industrial problems and develop the pharmaceutical formulations.

  • To deliver contemporary and high quality education experiences in Physiology, Pharmacology
  • To encourage and develop, professional and advanced research skills in cellular and molecular biology
  • To instil ethical practices, team-work and leadership skills among students and staff


To be a centre of excellence for pre-clinical studies in drug discovery and development process.

Silent features

Teaching has the highest standards of scientific research and academic priority in the department and the faculty put maximum effort into their lectures and practical teaching with help of LCDs, white and black boards. The students are encouraged to improve their presentation and communication skills through seminars and group discussions. Department has track record of innovation and excellence in both research and teaching. A well-maintained and CPCSEA approved animal-house is catering the academic needs. The department maintains articulated medicinal plant garden and is cultivating some of the rare medicinal herbs too. The students are provided intensive class-room coaching on principles of human physiology during their year 1 and 2 of their course. The application oriented coaching is intensified at higher level subjects such as applied-pharmacology The learning process is supplemented well with tutorial sessions. State of art laboratories in the department are portrayed with the taxonomy of herbs and pharmacodynamics of medicines. The department is furnished with power-lab physiographs, actophotometer, analgesiometer, auto-analyzer, Cooke’s pole climbing apparatus, Electro convulsiometer, digital plethysmograph, etc. Facilitate the academic as well as commercial research on neuro-pharmacology.

Work Force

The department is composed with distinguished, qualified, experienced and enthusiastic faculty members.