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The Library and Information centre

The Library and Information centre in the SLVP was established in the year 2008 with a sole purpose to quench the thirst of knowledge and to fulfill the concerned needs of both the faculty and the students. The central library is located in the ground floor of the main building, in a clean and quiet atmosphere. The centre is well furnished with wooden reading tables with separate lighting system and comfortable chairs, journal s & new arrival display racks and one charging and discharging counter. The library is computerized by the Library Management Software “Easy-lib” to achieve the accuracy and speed up the transactions. The software supports Barcode Technology. which is spread in an area of 14,167 sq ft. The library has huge collection of text and reference books, journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, manuals, periodicals of various pharmaceutical disciplines. Apart from the conventional collections the library also has a rich e-resources which includes e-books, e-journals, digital databases, CD-ROM’s etc.

A brief statistics of the library stock is given below as

S.No Type of Resources Total Numbers
1 Text Books 2650
2 Reference Books 4856
3 e-Books 885
4 Journals 84
5 e-Journals 2933
6 Digital Database 3
7 CD & Video 360
8 Others 1287

Journal Books

S.No Description
1 Indian drugs - Scientifics & Reasearch
2 Pharmaceutical science and drug research
3 Indian journal of natural products and reasources
4 Phytopharam
5 Pharmatutor pharmacy infopedia
6 International journal of pharmacy & therapeutics
7 International journal of advanced pharamaceutis
8 International journal of exeriental pharmacology
9 Asian journal of pharmaceutical science & technology
10 Internation journal of biopharmaceuticcs
11 Pharmaceutical metods
12 Journal of medicinal plant research
13 International journal of pharmalogical - screening methods
14 Journal of chemical and pharmaceutical science
15 Indian journal of pharmaceutical education & research
16 Pharma times - machinery & equipment
17 International journal of pharmacology
18 Pharma times - pharmaco – economics & outcomes research special
19 Internation journal of current pharmaceutical & clinical research
20 International journal of pharmaceutical research & analysis
21 International journal of pharmaceutical development & technology
22 Journal of pharmacology
23 Primer on clinicall gastroenterology and hepatology
24 International journal
25 Asian journal of chemistry - R.K. Agarwal
26 Asian journal of chemistry - M.M. Sinha
27 Pharma times - heabal drug products special
28 Pharma times – biologics & biosimilavs
29 Jounal of young pharmacists - in pharma communiqué
30 APTI Bulletin - monthly official publication
31 Journal of pharmacy and chemisty
32 Journal of pharmaceutical research
33 United Biotech - Manufacturing facilities
34 Phaacognosy magazine - PHCOG MAG
35 Journal of pharmaceutical and clinical research
36 Journal of drug formulation and research.
37 Pharma times - tablet splitting
38 Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciencs
39 The pharma review - journal of pharma industry
40 pharma times - cancer vaccine ( A Miracle therapy for cancer)
41 The pharma review - Designed for performance
42 Indian journal of pharmacy practice
43 In pharma communique - Young pharmacests
44 pharma cology - Indian pharmacological.
45 Advanced critical care - ECG Diagnosis acute coronary syndrome
46 Phara times - Indian pharma industry : Strategies for Excellence
47 International journal of harmaceutical development and technology
48 International journal of medicinal chemistry and analysis
49 Reasearch of journal of pharmacology and pharmacodynamics
50 Environmental & people
51 Journal of pharmacy and chemistry
52 International journal of pharmacology & Toxicology
53 International journal of advanced pharmaceutics
54 Advanced critical care
55 Internatinal journal of phytophracology
56 Internatinal journal of pharmaceutical research
57 International journal of pharmacy & Therapeutics.


Name Department
1. Simultaneous Estimation of Metaprolol Tartarate and Telmisartan validated Rp-Hpcl Method and normal Hplc Method Analysis & Quality Assurance
2. Simultaneous Estimation of Desvenlafaxine and Clonaepam In Their Comined Tablent Dosage Form By Rp-Hplc. Analysis & Quality Assurance
3. Simultaneous Estimation of Antiretroviral Drugs Lopinavir and Ritonavir By Validated Rp-Hplc And Uvspectrophoto etric Methods In Pharmaceutical Dosage From Analysis & Quality Assurance
4. Validated Noral Phase Hptlc Method For Simultaneous uantification of Levousulpiride And Esomeprazole in Capsule Dosage Form Analysis & Quality Assurance
5. Evalution Of Anti Diaetic Activity Of Ethnolic Stem Extract Of Hibiscus Platanifols in Alloxan Induced Diaetic Rats Pharmacology
6. Evaluation Of Anti-Diaetic And Anti-oxidant Activity Of Nyctanthes Aror-Tristis Linn Fruit Extract on Alino Rats Pharmacology
7. Analytical ethod Development and Validation For Simultneous Estimation Of Radeprazole Sodium And Diclofence Sodium In Combined Dosage From By U.V-Visspectrophotometry And Rp-Hplc Method Analysis & Quality Assurance
8. Invistigate The Effect Of ETHANOLIC of Eemi On Alloxan Inducwd Diaeteas In Wister Rats Analysis & Quality Assurance
9. Staility indicating Hplc Method For SImulataneous Estimation Of Tenofovir Disoproxyl Fumarate, Cobicistat And Elvegravir In Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Analysis & Quality Assurance
10. Atidiabetic And Antihyperlipidemic Activites Of Ethanollic Extract Of The Plant Leaves Of “ Asparaggus Recemosesus “ In streptozotocin induced Diabetic rates Pharmacology
11. Staility Indicating Hplc Method for simultaneous Estimation of emtricitabine, Tenofovir Disoproxyl Furmarate, cobicistat and elvitergrvir in ppharaceutical Dosage form Analysis & Quality Assurance
12. Simultaneous estimation of antiretroviral drugs lopinavir and ritonavir y validated rp- hpcl and uv-spectrophoto metric method in pharmaceutical dosage form Analysis & Quality Assurance
13. Validated normal phase HPTLC Method for simultaneous Quantification of levouslpiride and esomepraole in capsule dosage form Analysis & Quality Assurance
14. Analytical method develllopement and vaiidation for simltneous estimation of raepraole sodium and dicllofenac sodium in combined dosage form y u.v visspectrophotometry and rp-hplc method. Analysis & Quality Assurance
15. Estimation of Pitofenone Hcl in human plasma with Anticoagulant Di-potassium ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid y using llc-msms method Analysis & Quality Assurance
16. Simultaneus estimation of desvenlafaxine and clonazepam in their comined tablet dosage form y RP-HPLC Analysis & Quality Assurance
17. Estimation Of pitofenone HCL IN Human Plasma With Anticoagulant di-potassium ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid y using LC-MSMS Method Analysis & Quality Assurance
18. Formulation and In-vitro evalutionof ilayer talblets of tramadol hydrochloride biphsic drug release Pharmaceutics
19. Method Development and Alidation of A Stabilty indicating RP-HPCL Method For Simultaneous Estimation of Valsartan and Hydrochlothazide intablet dosage form Analysis & Quality Assurance
20. Analytical method development and validation for simultaneous estimation of rabepraole sodium and diclofenac sodium in combined dosage form by U.V-VIS-Sppectrophotmetry and RP-HPLC Method Analysis & Quality Assurance
21. Method Development and validation of stability indicating RP-HPLC Method for simultaneous estimation of valsartan and hydrochlothiaide intablest form Analysis & Quality Assurance
22. Formulation and evaluation of reepraole sodium pellets contained delayed release capsules. Pharmaceutics
23. Formulation and Evalution of Aripipraole IR Tablets by using various disintegrants Pharmaceutics
24. Formulation and Evaluation f Rebeprazole sodium pellets contained release capsules Pharmaceutics
25. Formulation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Bilayer Tablets of tramadol hydrochloride for Biphasic Drug Release Pharmaceutics
26. Analytical Method Development and Validation for simultaneous Estimation of Raeprazole sodium and Diclofenac sodium in combined dosage form y U.V.-VIS-SPECTROPHOTOMETRY And RP-HPLC Method Pharmaceutics
27. Formuation and Evaluation of Extended Release Matrix Tablets of Anti Retroviral drugs Pharmaceutics


Name Department
Preparation of Insitugells Pharmaceutics
Formulation and Estimation of atomoxetine HCL buccal drug delivery system Pharmaceutics
Preparation and evaluation of Microrgonges Pharmaceutics
Preparation of microcapsules Pharmaceutics
Preparation of nano particles Pharmaceutics
Formulation and Evaluation of Pharmaceutical aqueous gel of powdered guava leaf for mouth ulcer treatment Pharmaceutics
Antihelminthic activity of conocarpuserectus Pharmaceutics
Design and synthesis of rat selective toxicance Pharmacology
Antibacterial activity Pharmacology
Synthetic investigation of neurologically active therapeutic agent Pharmacology
Vaccine design for lectin targets Pharmacology
Development and validation of UV Desolation method for formulation Pharmaceutical Analysis
Stability study for active pharmaceutical ingredience Pharmaceutical Analysis
Method development and validation for estimation of naproxen tab late dosages form by Using RP-HPLC Pharmaceutical Analysis
Synthesis of nukanadinB and analocks as neuro protective agents Pharmaceutical Analysis

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